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About VRTL Space

VRTL Space is dedicated to promoting the business capacity of our government customers by combining technical skills, commanding knowledge of subject matter and building partnerships with our clients. Solutions from VRTL Space will strengthen your cyber security, deliver the maximum return on technological investments and streamline operations.

Our team of Multi-Cloud architects and DevSecOps Engineers has extensive knowledge of cloud, security, modernization and transformation. VRTL Space has a proven track record of using technology to win additional capabilities more quickly and consistently than ever before.

Meet our Leaders

Brian Jordan


Brian is a highly strategic and multi-disciplined digital transformation strategist with nearly 20 years in the industry, leading enterprise modernization efforts and revolutionizing organization's ability to deliver on their mission with next-generation business capabilities.

Justin Cockrell


Justin has over twenty-two years of demonstrated success designing, implementing and securing enterprise IT systems and processes in federal, DoD and private sectors. With a focus on modernization, Justin focuses on ensuring an organization’s cloud efforts are designed securely and implemented with compliance in mind.

Joe Swink

Vice President of Consulting

Meet the former Improv comedian who runs the VRTL Space Consulting division. As a life-long engineer and Cloud Architect, Joe has spent his career solving large scale problems and innovating thoughtful solutions. That all changed at the US Courts when Joe heard his calling to work side by side with organizations as a consultant. Now, after nearly a decade of successful engagements, Joe is leading the charge with his seasoned team at VRTL Space.

Noah Hildebrandt

Vice President of Product Development

With over a decade's worth of experience leading software development teams, Noah currently works as Vice President of Product Development at VRTL Space. Previously a Technical Program Manager at Finastra and a new product development instructor in the Computer Simulation and Gaming Program for The Milwaukee Area Technical College, Noah is now focused on using his experience to help solve some of the bigger problems in the Federal IT space by leading the development of Ohtalho, VRTL Space's premier Risk Management Framework application.

FedRAMP training & consulting Management Consulting

VRTL Space provides management consulting to organizations and agencies handling FedRAMP-compliant cloud migrations internally. We at VRTL Space are business technologists. Our passion is to use technology to continuously deliver business and mission advantages once thought out of reach to your organization.

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