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VRTL Space is focused on advancing the capabilities of your software solutions. We identify and act on your needs helping you leverage cloud services for secure and efficient operations.

Whether you’re looking to migrate from one cloud to another, from data center to cloud, or a hybrid of multiple providers, we will guide you through the process. By adhering to the principles of Cloud Native Architecture and DevSecOps, we lead your organization toward building and operating a FedRAMP-compliant cloud-based general support system (GSS). All of the principles of Compliance Automation, Service Migration, and Solution Delivery are tied together in the GSS framework, making it the ideal solution for organizations looking to modernize aging applications and infrastructure.

Cloud & DevSecOps Adoption

Each VRTL Space Consultant is a certified SME in one or many Cloud disciplines and DevSecOps is the methodology we use to transform your organization. We introduce Security and Compliance as code first, rather than trying to squeeze it in later. We break down and convert your critical workloads into organized automation pipelines that provide tangible proof of security and compliance after each run. We strive to “Shift Left” meaning more security consideration and testing earlier in the SDLC cycle.

We work side by side with existing engineering and security staff to ensure the chosen automation framework complies with best practices.

Legacy Modernizations

a. VRTL Space performs extensive analysis of legacy systems and provides a detailed roadmap with clearly defined milestones. By decoupling the business logic from the technology, we are able to provide the necessary perspective to transform legacy applications into modern cloud-native systems.

Cloud to cloud (C2C) migrationsCloud Migrations

VRTL Space incorporates security at every phase of the Cloud Migration process. Our team of Subject Matter Experts thrive on the front lines of even the most complex migration efforts.

Data Center to Cloud Migration

Migrating workloads out of data centers and into the cloud requires a thorough understanding of the existing infrastructure and application stack. Without the correct approach, migration becomes a daunting task.

Cloud Migrations, Cloud to Cloud migration

Cloud-to-cloud migration (C2C) is the movement of a cloud workload from one cloud provider to another. Many organizations choose to switch cloud providers due to cost, capability, and security.

Hybrid Cloud Migration: Cloud and Data Center

Many organizations must maintain a physical Trusted Internet Connection (TIC) or have other compliance obligations requiring a physical data center. In these situations, the hybrid cloud migration model is ideal. Candidate workloads migrate to the cloud while others remain on-premises.

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Management Consulting

Are you looking for a strategy to support your new, and quickly growing container infrastructure? Or maybe looking for a multi-cloud strategy to expand your technology footprint and mitigate risk? VRTL Space's business technologists will guide and support you through the development, pitch and approval processes, and execution of your strategy.

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